Alex Verduijn den Boer

Alex Verduijn den Boer is a painter and a teacher from The Hague.He paints and draws cityscapes, the periphery of the city, industrial sites and ports. Broken, wasted and out of use objects and people are a constant source of inspiration to him.

He always draws on location. It fascinates him how the Dutch landscape, which has always been determined by
agricultural use has changed completely in the past century, and how little of it has been preserved. By contrast, he also works in Spain, where human activity is void in a vast landscape.

View some of his work here

Bram Stoof

Bram Stoof is an Amsterdam based painter and member of the Dutch Watercolourists Association HAK. Bram Stoof works with oil paint, watercolour and lead pencil.
Both in his technical interest and his thematic preferences Bram Stoof shows to feel connected with the classical tradition. He paints and draws landscapes, still lives and the human figure.

View some of his work here

Ingrid Rekers