Jarque de la val is a village located at the foot of the Sant Just mountains at the exact geographical center of the province of Teruel, Aragon.

Teruel is the least populated region in Spain.Because it’s often overlooked, the region came up with the playful slogan “Teruel existe” (“Teruel exists”).

If you’re looking for remote, you’re in the right region, with its back-of-beyond villages and medieval sights that haven’t been prettified.

The land, too, is high and harsh, with the coldest winters in the country.

It is conveniently connected with Zaragoza, Madrid, Valencia and Catalonia.

An ideal location to explore the area and visit Fuendetodos, the ghost town or Belchite, the paleontologist site of Galve and the Aliaga geological park.

Fuendetodos is the birthplace of Goya and hosts The museum of engraving that gives you the chance to see a collection of his graphic works.